About Re-Imagining Main Street

What is Re-Imagining Main Street?
Re-Imagining Main Street is an initiative that will engage the community in creating a vision and then a conceptual design plan to improve Main Street. This planning effort will envision how Main Street can be transformed into a complete street by providing pedestrian and bicycle amenities that currently do not exist, enhanced transit access, streetscape amenities, create linkages to adjacent major destinations, and address traffic operations and safety issues that puts the human experience front and center.

Along with numerous local and regional assets on Main Street and many others less than a mile from the corridor, Main Street serves as a vital connection between Downtown Hartford and the Hartford Hospital Area, the developing Downtown North area, and the surrounding residential neighborhoods.

What are Complete Streets?

Complete Streets is a shorthand term for streets that have been planned, designed, and operated with the consideration of the needs of all travelers within the corridor, not just motor vehicle operators, but also including people of all ages and abilities who are taking public transportation, walking, or riding a bicycle. Every street and its environment are different, so physical manifestation of this principle will change given the local context. However, ensuring the provision of safe facilities for all users is a core tenet of Complete Streets. Click here to find out more.

Creating a Conversation:

Your input on what can make Main Street great will be vital to the success of the project. As part of this process we are asking that you become an active participant in helping to establish a new vision for Main Street. Please check back on this page for key dates and information related to the community outreach process. During the course of this project we will be holding a series of public workshops to gather vital feedback and ideas. Please check the Events tab above for key dates and click the Get Involved tab to stay up to date on the latest information related to Re-imagining Main Street. Also be sure to take the survey found at the top of this page!

What is the Advisory Committee?

The Re-imagining Main Street Advisory Committee, a steering committee for the vision process, has been selected to work closely with the consultant team and the City of Hartford. Their role is to provide insight and guidance throughout the process and broaden outreach opportunities for the larger community. The committee was selected to reflect a diverse skillset, expertise within a particular content range area and a range of perspectives. The Re-imagining Main Street Advisory Committee includes the following organizations:

Chamber of Commerce




Frog Hollow NRZ

Hartford BID

Hartford DPW

Hartford Hospital

Hartford Parking Authority

Hartford Public Library


Park and Main Development Team



Stark Building

Transport Hartford/Center for Latino Progress


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