Complete Streets.


What are Complete Streets?

Complete Streets is a shorthand term for streets that have been planned, designed, and operated with the consideration of the needs of all travelers within the corridor, including people of all ages and abilities who are driving, taking public transportation, walking, or riding a bicycle. Every street and its environment are different, so physical manifestation of this principle will change given the local context. However, ensuring the provision of safe facilities for all users is a core tenet of Complete Streets.
You may have heard of names similar to Complete Streets, such as Livable Streets, Living Streets, Context-Sensitive Streets or Multimodal Streets. These all essentially point to the same idea – of creating streets and spaces that balance the needs of a range of transportation users and support the surrounding community.

Complete Streets are not:
     • A specific design prescription
     • A mandate for an immediate retrofit
     • A silver bullet solution for all transportation issues